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Unconditional love

As each day passes Elena gets older and older. I remember when she was 3 days old and 9 months seemed so far away. But at this moment I wish I could freeze time. Her unconditional love for me and Luis is single greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. People say their kids are needy I say her neediness is love for us. The constant ” mama ” “dada” is comfort and love for her and us. #justathought #9months #love


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Everyday of the year we should be thankful for our families, friends, love, life and many other things. We tend to forget to be thankful and appreciate what we have and love. Today is thanksgiving, we eat, dine and love! I’m so thankful for a chance to be a mother to this amazing baby and a soon to be wife to my amazing fiancé. Happy turkey day!!


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Our bond

They say a mother becomes a mother when she first finds out she’s pregnant, but the love and bond we share grows stronger and stronger daily. She’s truly my best friend. I am so lucky to be her mom. All she did at this shoot was giggle and pose such a natural!

#jeannephotography 9months #fashionkid #smiles


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Today is the MonAdams Park before thanksgiving and we decided to go to Adams Park with Jeanne to take some photos.  ELena is such a little supermodel. Hey natural and innocent beauty takes my breath away daily. Her smile, her eyes are mesmerizing. There is nothing greater that this feeling of unconditional love….

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Sundays are our favorite days

During the fall time Luis and I really love football and since Elena was born we’ve made Sunday a family day. Every Sunday we get together with friends and family for good good, beer and football. Today in particular the broncos played the patriots and we lost 🙂 but Elena as always looked so amazing and happy. We try and cherish every moment with her even though at times it’s really hard.


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Shopping with ma!!! Happiest baby ever

Lately beans been acting a lot older than she is. Cruising around the house and constantly just smiling. Saying mama” papa” “hi” and just being so funny! This day we went house shopping and grocery shopping.


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