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Cherishing every moment

As my due date fast approaches I’m feeling more and more ready to meet our son. I’ve truly enjoyed this pregnancy so much. I think women who have had a  hard time getting pregnant tend to appreciate  their pregnancy just a tad bit more. I know I did this time around then I did with Elena. I would like cherish every little kick left from the inside, my growling belly. The glowing skin pregnancy provides. And just really cherishing these last few weeks of just his and mine heartbeat together. 

I was fortunate  enough to have my amazing friends host  a blessingway for me. I Have never in my life felt so empowered by so many amazing women. They encouraged me, they loved me, they made me cry. They made me laugh. They pampered me. I feel ready. I’m ready to transcend, to reach deeper and bring my son earthside. Of course I’m a bit anxious for what’s to come but I think it would be strange if I wasn’t.  But for the next few weeks, I plan on taking my girl on mama and Leni dates, cuddling with my husband.  And truly cherishing every moment with my growing belly.

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