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Month: July 2016

Baby boy celebration 

When we first found out we were having a boy I was in shock. Maybe in denial for a little bit. Eventually it all sunk in and I was going to get the privilege of being mama to my girl and my boy. As nervous as I am to start over with a newborn I look forward to birth, breastfeeding, baby snuggles, sleepless nights ( said no one ever). 
The rule to only have one baby shower is kind of lame if you ask me. Why wouldn’t we celebrate every baby and every pregnancy. So when my friends and family wanted to do a get together I wasn’t really that opposed to it. As long as it want huge or a big deal.
I was lucky enough to be able to be surround by seriously some of my favorite people at my home celebrating our new baby boy.
It was a magical day to say the least. Thank you everyone so much spoiling us.

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