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Month: November 2015

” but I love my mama”

It’s been a busy summer, and heck of a busy beginning of fall here in the Sprayberry household.  So I’ve told myself I would try and keep up with this journal/blog more often but I catch myself wanting to post after adventures, work, hanging out, cooking or whatever else but somehow always never find the time. Time is everything. But I found some time tonight and I really wanted to remember this time in my life. 

Last time I wrote anything it was about what Elena’s been up to. This Time I want to remember how much she needed me and wanted me to hold her, kiss her, take a shower with her. Any move I make she’s right there with me. My little sidekick, my best girlfriend. She is only 2 1/2 but a better friend than I’ve ever had, and ever loved. And the way she loves me, melts me so much. The way she loves her dad brings tears to my eyes. And everyone else in her precious life. Toddlers were crated to teach us to appreciate life in a different way. Patience is something I’ve learned from my daughter, and she teaches me more about myself and my selfless abilities daily. I couldn’t have imagined my life being so good even if I tried. I was truly blessed with an angel. Elena has shown me how to lose my mind more than I knew possible, driven me to tears, and shown me more love and filled my heart with so much joy.  The way she screams ” mommies here” every time I walk into the room. The way she chases after me up stairs yelling ” why you left me mommie” is something I want to remember forever. Pure love! She tells everyone I’m her best friend and that she loves me. Without anyone asking. And my cheeks hurt from Smiling so much. She hugs me tight at night when the neighbors dog “fake scares her” because she knows I’ll let her in my bed. She is my everything. I don’t know how I ever lived without her, and I want to remember this age forever. As I’m sure I’ll feel that way about 3 1/2 but right now there isn’t anything sweeter than ” but I love my mama”