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Month: September 2015

2 years and 6 months 

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, especially about little Elena and her adventurous life. Let’s see, in August she turned 2 1/2 and I’ll tell you it’s such a love/hate relationship I have with the age. More so love of course. She’s a taking machine ( duh have you met me?) she’s so smart but I’m sure every parent thinks that about their child. Everday she just asks more and more questions. In my opinion she’s perfect in every way. Yesterday she said ” mommy I need to go potty” so of course I took her, while we were in the bathroom I asked honey why do you need me in here and her response ” because I love you” I about cried she can be so sweet, yet so sour at times like when she wants juice and I won’t give it to her, or demands Nutella for lunch everyday.. Hahaha! Toddlers I tell you are so funny and so loving. 

Some of her favorite things to do at this age are color, draw, sing ( so cute) park, slides ( wee) gymnastics, her iPad ( I know), the zoo and any possible adventure we can go on she’s always thrilled. And I would say the best adventure I’ve ever had is been being a mama, it’s so hard yet so rewarding. She sleeps in my bed and I have no regrets ( even though I always said NEVER) and one of my favorite things to do is read to her and scratch her back until she falls asleep. Even though she kicks us, takes over our bed the morning smiles and ” did you have a good nap mommy” and ” good mornings” are so worth it. I could go on and on about the cute little things she does but my favorite are the ” love you mommy” ” thank you mommy” least favorite right now ” I need want this ”  i don’t want to” ekk 

Anyway I’m sure every age has its ups and downs and it’s all about how we handle it, embrace it! Being a parent to any age child is an adventure on its own. Give your toddlers, teenagers, adults, kisses, lots of hugs and most of all unconditional LOVE! 















Elenas mommy 

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