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Month: April 2015

SBerries go to Cabo! 

Mexico, where the Sunsets are dark orange, where the beer goes down like water, and where you can never have enough tacos. And so much culture it’s unreal! Luckily for me I happen to be married to a true Mexican! ( he doesn’t whistle at girls when they walk by) ok, maybe sometimes! So it’s only second nature for us to travel to Mexico often. We’ve been to a few amazing resorts, and we’ve also traveled to non-touristic places. Where you can get some of the most authentic food, booze, art, architecture and much much more. Like lime trees in the back yard. Could you imagine? Incredible! So this time we didn’t have a lime tree in the back yard or a deep orange sunset. We faced the sea of Cortez. But we did have the most amazing time. We stayed an all inclusive very cozy, small resort! Three restaurants, two pools, swim up bar, mini golf, volleyball, and the MOST amazing aunthentic food!!! Yum! 

When we decided we were going to take a mini vacation we looked a few other places other than Mexico, but really is there a better place within a two hour flight.. Ok well maybe for some, but for us we chose Mexico! And I’ve never been to Cabo San Lucas so we went. And the best part about the trip was that it was my husbands birthday. Elena went to Mexico for Luis’s grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. ( a whole other story probably more incredible). But this time she flew, she did amazing, she loved the airplane. Every airplane she saw she pointed and got excited to say “auropwane” and she loved the water. She never wanted to get out. She was the center of the attention at the resort. She danced, smiled at everyone and just had the greatest time! While Luis and I indulged in Micheladas, ceviche and tacos. And so much more amazing food! We took a day trip to San Jose Del Cabo where we shopped, ate ice cream, and saw a Sunday mass service from a far, bought some authentic mexican stuff. Ate at a local restaurant. Bargained. Laughed, took photos. The trip was short but incredible. Looking forward to Memorial Day Our next mini vacay.. 

Just a few of my favorite photos. Please enjoy. Smile, laugh, love and live! This life is short and precious. We are so blessed with the opportunity to travel! 



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