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Month: March 2015


Spring is here!  Finally my all time favorite season. Most people love when the leaves change, the sun sets dark orange, Halloween, warm drinks and much more about fall. ( don’t get me wrong I do too). But I, on the other hand truly love spring more than any other season, for many reasons. One of the most peaceful things on earth is the sounds of birds , the grass getting greener, the trees waking up from winter, crisp morning spring air! And most of all the flowers blooming! 

When I was little I used to garden with my grandma and mom. I mean I grew up on a dairy  farm before moved to the states, the whole nine yards, cows, chickens, herbs, flowers, etc. So when Luis and I decided that we were going to give it a shot at having our own garden I couldn’t help but to think about my childhood and smile!! It’s our first ever and we are doing it on our own. A little bit nerve wrecking but exciting.  We are trying to master flowers, plants, veggies herbs along with our new chickens ( keep an eye for that post) all at once. Wish us luck! 

My first stop succulent garden. So beautiful!  





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Elena is two.. 

They say terrible twos are awful. I would have to disagree with that statement, my two year old is hilarious, sweet, firey, so smart. I know a lot parents say the same things about their kids, I mean who wouldn’t kids are such amazing blessing! 

Anyway… I love to decorate, throw parties, craft! So obviously we made everything for Elenas second birthday! From redoing a high chair to handmade invitations, rose style cupcakes and cake, Nacho bar. Homemade sangria. Hot air balloon photo booth for the kids, with some gold and pink princess themed decor. 

Elena is such a loved little girl; and we are blessed to have so many amazing people come celebrate with us!! 

Check out some of my favorite photos. Enjoy! 

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