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Month: June 2014

The night before the big day! ( wedding day)

When I was a teenager I could remember wanting to get married, have kids, big house. Etc! Today I woke up and realized most of my dreams have come true. Some people spend a Lifetime trying to find their soulmate I was fortune enough to have found mine 5 years ago. Luis is such a warm hearted person, amazing lover and the best father to our little girl. He truly competes me. I still get excited when he comes home from work. Our wedding planning has been a roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t change it for anything because tomorrow I will walk down the aisle and marry my best friend, my soulmate. My one! My heart is already beating faster as I write about my wedding day. Here is a few from the rehearsal dinner! Amazing people. Amazing food. And most of all lots of love! Next time I shall be posting as Mrs. Luis Sprayberry.

Much love y’all!







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Father’s Day

Wow i can’t believe Luis and I celebrated our second mothers and fathers day this year! How time flies wow! For Father’s Day we had breakfast at home and I had to take a nap I worked the night shift the night before 🙁 after I woke up we went and had a nice picnic at Roosevelt park! Such a nice park and so fun to watch Elena play with her papa! She says papa so cute. After the park we went over to Luis’s dads and had few glasses of wine on the patio while little bean ran around so curious all the time. The weather was perfect. The love that Luis and Elena share for one another is amazing! It warms my heart when she leans over to give him kisses out of no where. Or how amazing he is with her. We’ve heard parents fight over taking responsibility for their kids ( it’s your turn blah blah) etc. trust me we’ve had our share of fights but we truly rarely fight over bean. We both love beaning her mama and papa that it’s our pleasure to take care of her and teach her stuff. She’s only going to be this little once. We parent so well together! It warms my heart. Luis is an Amazing father. The way her plays with her, teachers her Spanish, most of all, the way he adores his little baby girl is unexplainable affection and love I have for him. Ever since she was born I look at him in a different way. Our little unit is simply amazing. Looking forward to expanding our family in the future and growing as parents, lovers and friends! Happy Father’s Day to an amazing man. Luis, Elena and I love you dearly!






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I told myself i would try and post things more often, but working part-time, being full-time mama and putting the finishing touches on our happily ever after keeps me very busy these days! Today couldn’t be more perfect though! so i figured i would write it down, as baby love takes a nap. We woke up said by to “papa” as he went to work. Made breakfast, Elena ate most of it. Got dressed and decided to go on adventure day. Our first stop was Ziggi’s coffee. Elena got a fruit strip and string cheese and i got the Boulder daily and a cup of coffee. I am always so surprised how much i enjoy the town of Longmont. ( but then again most parts are Boulder without campus) win win for me. As we walked down the old town of Longmont i couldn’t help but to have this huge grin on my face. I mean what is there not to be happy about these days but ill save that for later! Elena is almost 16 months old and ill tell you sometimes her maturity takes me by surprise. waving and saying hello to strangers. Thank you after you give her something. Pure bliss. As we approached Roosevelt Park i realized little bean was asleep, ( shoot! RIGHT) how are we suppose to have a picnic and run around if shes asleep! well i did what every parent would do, Wake her up! hahaha no, i waited in the car for a little while and as she woke up we headed into the park. Set up camp, ate snacks, ran around, giggled and of course took some amazing photos. Elena is already a free-spirit, she wants to run, give kisses. Roll in the grass. I’d say she lovesssss being outside. We spent a few hours playing, chasing each other and just giggling. Next stop on adventure day was swimming. I recently got a recommendation from a friend on a backyard pool that i couldn’t help but purchase. Its an elephant head that shoots water out its trunk. Awesome RIGHT! So we stayed in the back yard for most of the day thus far. So much fun splashing around, giggling, pouring water on the ” woof woof”. Finally we came inside due to rain and Elena ( no joke) handed me a book and we read. Well I read and she smiled. Sitting next to her as i write about my day makes me want to freeze time. Sometimes i feel like i live in a dream. This cant be reality??!! Or am i really this lucky and blessed. I would have to say so,

Until next time!

Much love,

Jazz and Elena












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Ever since Elena was a tiny babes we have had a routine. No matter what that routine consisted of it was always a routine  . As she grows into a miniature person that routine varies  from night to night depending on what we are doing.  Transitioning from our little baby to a charismatic, sweet, hilarious talkative toddler has been a good and bad experience. and has definitely thought us how to multi-task and grow closer as parents. I now believe all of the people who once told me that a mobile toddler is wild.   She recently has discovered that climbing things such as the dining room table and peeing on it was a ” uhh-ohhh” and we currently have child proofed everything catching our selves locked out of our own garage, toiled and kitchen cabinets, but whatever  is safe for our wild little toddler. I guess little is an understatement too!!  Its funny because no matter what book you read, what routine you follow you must be willing to bend the rules, learn and grow with your baby! and take parenting day by day,  as truly everyday is different.  just a little thought for an amazing spring day! Check out our little babes hair and how much it has grown trying to keep up with her exciting and tiring at times!







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