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Month: February 2014


Today was an awesome day! As each day passes Elena gets smarter, happier and over all so fun!


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Hello toddler Elena!

Oh my gosh.! 369 days, 2/20/2013 Luis and I woke up at 630am pack the Prius up and drove to Lutheran medical Center to have a baby! Jules broke my water at 840 am, and I’ll tell you the contractions came on like nothing I’ve ever felt before! Each contraction was an outer body feeling. Eventually I could feel every movement of my sweet baby. I remember pushing saying ” get her out” not only due to pain but to pure joy and excitement not much longer my angel was born 2:17 pm. And since that amazing she has made me feel a love only a mother could understand. I am smitten by her smile, her Beautiful eyes. Her sweet voice. Amazing personality. She makes me a better person! I truly feel as if this is heaven! Happy birthday to my little monkey babe, beans, turd nugget, most of all my angel Elena! Your father and I are truly blessed and lucky to hear that sweet voice call us ” mama” ” dada”!



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Why not dress your baby up! Elena I and shop at many thrift stores. We make lots of headbands, accessories. We do a lot of bargain shopping but these we got at the mall we couldn’t resist so adorable!



Flower child

Elena. Elena. Elena.
I can say that name over and over again. Such a sweet, innocent angel. Your beautiful brown eyes, sweet dimples. And most charismatic personally light up my world. Today was such an amazing day!


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New year….

Sleeping beauty

Wow! Where has the time gone??! In less than 3 weeks my baby girl will turn one. She’s incredible. The most recent thing she’s doing is walking! Like she’s been walking for years. Just stood up  and took off.  saying woof woof to the dog is probably the sweetest phrase I’ve heard.

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