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Cherishing every moment

As my due date fast approaches I’m feeling more and more ready to meet our son. I’ve truly enjoyed this pregnancy so much. I think women who have had a  hard time getting pregnant tend to appreciate  their pregnancy just a tad bit more. I know I did this time around then I did with Elena. I would like cherish every little kick left from the inside, my growling belly. The glowing skin pregnancy provides. And just really cherishing these last few weeks of just his and mine heartbeat together. 

I was fortunate  enough to have my amazing friends host  a blessingway for me. I Have never in my life felt so empowered by so many amazing women. They encouraged me, they loved me, they made me cry. They made me laugh. They pampered me. I feel ready. I’m ready to transcend, to reach deeper and bring my son earthside. Of course I’m a bit anxious for what’s to come but I think it would be strange if I wasn’t.  But for the next few weeks, I plan on taking my girl on mama and Leni dates, cuddling with my husband.  And truly cherishing every moment with my growing belly.

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Baby boy celebration 

When we first found out we were having a boy I was in shock. Maybe in denial for a little bit. Eventually it all sunk in and I was going to get the privilege of being mama to my girl and my boy. As nervous as I am to start over with a newborn I look forward to birth, breastfeeding, baby snuggles, sleepless nights ( said no one ever). 
The rule to only have one baby shower is kind of lame if you ask me. Why wouldn’t we celebrate every baby and every pregnancy. So when my friends and family wanted to do a get together I wasn’t really that opposed to it. As long as it want huge or a big deal.
I was lucky enough to be able to be surround by seriously some of my favorite people at my home celebrating our new baby boy.
It was a magical day to say the least. Thank you everyone so much spoiling us.

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A new addition 

I guess its been a long time since I’ve documented anything on our busy lives. So much has happened since my last post November 2015?!! I’m the worst at keeping a journal. After many months of trying to conceive we finally got a positive pregnancy test last December. It was so surreal I might have peed on multiple sticks. Gross I know. 

Excited is an understatement here at the Sprayberry household. Elena is thrilled to be a big sister. She made it very clear that she did not want a sister. Well lucky for her we are expecting a baby BOY. Say what?. Me with a boy. I must have been in denial for weeks after we found out. Thrilled to have one of each. Such a blessing. My pregnancy has been a breeze for the most part. I’ve had the stomach bug twice now it was miserable. Other than that. Gaining way less weight than I did with Elena. Feeling pretty good. I truly love being pregnant. I can’t believe that tomorrow I will turn 30 while 31 weeks pregnant. Who would have ever thought me celebrating my big 30 sober. It’s such a refreshing feeling. Anyway stay tuned. 9 short weeks to go until we meet our prince. 

Lots of love, 


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” but I love my mama”

It’s been a busy summer, and heck of a busy beginning of fall here in the Sprayberry household.  So I’ve told myself I would try and keep up with this journal/blog more often but I catch myself wanting to post after adventures, work, hanging out, cooking or whatever else but somehow always never find the time. Time is everything. But I found some time tonight and I really wanted to remember this time in my life. 

Last time I wrote anything it was about what Elena’s been up to. This Time I want to remember how much she needed me and wanted me to hold her, kiss her, take a shower with her. Any move I make she’s right there with me. My little sidekick, my best girlfriend. She is only 2 1/2 but a better friend than I’ve ever had, and ever loved. And the way she loves me, melts me so much. The way she loves her dad brings tears to my eyes. And everyone else in her precious life. Toddlers were crated to teach us to appreciate life in a different way. Patience is something I’ve learned from my daughter, and she teaches me more about myself and my selfless abilities daily. I couldn’t have imagined my life being so good even if I tried. I was truly blessed with an angel. Elena has shown me how to lose my mind more than I knew possible, driven me to tears, and shown me more love and filled my heart with so much joy.  The way she screams ” mommies here” every time I walk into the room. The way she chases after me up stairs yelling ” why you left me mommie” is something I want to remember forever. Pure love! She tells everyone I’m her best friend and that she loves me. Without anyone asking. And my cheeks hurt from Smiling so much. She hugs me tight at night when the neighbors dog “fake scares her” because she knows I’ll let her in my bed. She is my everything. I don’t know how I ever lived without her, and I want to remember this age forever. As I’m sure I’ll feel that way about 3 1/2 but right now there isn’t anything sweeter than ” but I love my mama” 



2 years and 6 months 

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, especially about little Elena and her adventurous life. Let’s see, in August she turned 2 1/2 and I’ll tell you it’s such a love/hate relationship I have with the age. More so love of course. She’s a taking machine ( duh have you met me?) she’s so smart but I’m sure every parent thinks that about their child. Everday she just asks more and more questions. In my opinion she’s perfect in every way. Yesterday she said ” mommy I need to go potty” so of course I took her, while we were in the bathroom I asked honey why do you need me in here and her response ” because I love you” I about cried she can be so sweet, yet so sour at times like when she wants juice and I won’t give it to her, or demands Nutella for lunch everyday.. Hahaha! Toddlers I tell you are so funny and so loving. 

Some of her favorite things to do at this age are color, draw, sing ( so cute) park, slides ( wee) gymnastics, her iPad ( I know), the zoo and any possible adventure we can go on she’s always thrilled. And I would say the best adventure I’ve ever had is been being a mama, it’s so hard yet so rewarding. She sleeps in my bed and I have no regrets ( even though I always said NEVER) and one of my favorite things to do is read to her and scratch her back until she falls asleep. Even though she kicks us, takes over our bed the morning smiles and ” did you have a good nap mommy” and ” good mornings” are so worth it. I could go on and on about the cute little things she does but my favorite are the ” love you mommy” ” thank you mommy” least favorite right now ” I need want this ”  i don’t want to” ekk 

Anyway I’m sure every age has its ups and downs and it’s all about how we handle it, embrace it! Being a parent to any age child is an adventure on its own. Give your toddlers, teenagers, adults, kisses, lots of hugs and most of all unconditional LOVE! 















Elenas mommy 

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1 year down a lifetime to go

Our first year as husband and wife went by fast. I think about our wedding day occasionally and wish we could relive that magical day over and over again. 

Our first year was filled with love, baby raising, homemaking and lots of traveling, from Mexico to the mountains. So when it was time to celebrate we decided to spend the weekend doing some of our favorite things. We spend the night on our actual anniversary in Aspen Co, in the most beautiful luxury condo right on snow mass mountain minutes away from the lift, wonderful restaurants and great shopping! Once we arrived to Aspen we decided to go for a picnic, what better place in Aspen then Maroon Bells. An incredible mountain that resembles 3 bells and the color of course is maroon. Sitting on an amazing lake. If you’ve never been there and live in Colorado you must make time and check this place out, breathtaking. We didn’t make it very far on our hike, we laid a blanket down, had a couple of glasses of wine with great cheese and salami. Yum!!!!!! 

Later that evening we decided to utilize our amazing condo by staying in for dinner we went to the local grocery store. Cooked up some steaks with amazing sides. For our special treat we drank an aged wine given to us by Luis’s dad years prior to our wedding. We had such an amazing wedding bakery they made us our wedding cake for dessert. Great conversation with my husband and so much love in one room! We listen to our wedding playlist and just laughed a lot. 
To finish this incredible day we decided to take the gondola up to snow mass village and enjoy drinks by a fire pit. Aspen is amazing I highly recommend it in winter and summer!

Our wedding anniversary weekend wasnt over yet. Followed by our incredible day In Aspen we came home to not only go our special venue but to see a special artist. As i stated in our previous wedding post Luis play a song for me on his guitar at our wedding, and it was by Ed Sheeran. So it was such an amazing ” coincidence” that he was playing that weekend! Great show I cried of happiness. 

  All in all it was an amazing weekend. Great first year to an amazing journey ahead of us. I’m truly blessed and lucky to be married to my best friend. One year down a lifetime to go. Love, 

Mrs. Sprayberry 

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Mother’s Day

I never really understood how much my mom loved me until the day I became a mom. The unconditional type of love. The love where you constantly want to kiss your child, make sure they aren’t in any kind of pain or discomfort. The type of love where nothing or anyone else comes before them! Where your selfish needs come second. The day I became a mom was the most incredible day, it was cold and snowy not ugly cold, but beautiful Colorado winter day. I was nervous, scared, excited and most of all ready to meet the little human I had bonded with internally for over 40 weeks. And when she did finally arrive I was never the same person. She has thought me so much about life, love and the strength I never had before. She’s by far the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Not everyday is laugher, giggles or play. We have our challenges but I wouldn’t trade being her mom for anything else in the world. So thanks to her I get to celebrate Mother’s Day. What a wonderful day. My day was awesome my amazing husband cooked me breakfast, made mimosas and we laughed,  hung out with our  little one. After that we took a stroll to the mall to picked up my new wedding band, Luis got his mom a nice ring for Mother’s Day present.  We had our favorite pizza at California pizza kitchen with a couple cocktails. We went home I took a nap with my  little babe! Woke up got dressed went to the most amazing place for dinner Texas de Brazil. The food was incredible, i enjoyed the  crème brûlée and cappuccino to end my wonderful day that I spend with my wonderful family. So thankful that my sister was able to meet us for dinner and I got to see my nephew, my mother-in-law spoiled me. Gave me the most beautiful Michael Kors watch.  How lucky am I right? Sometimes I still  have to pinch myself just to know that this is real life!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful day with their families! 🌺✌️








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SBerries go to Cabo! 

Mexico, where the Sunsets are dark orange, where the beer goes down like water, and where you can never have enough tacos. And so much culture it’s unreal! Luckily for me I happen to be married to a true Mexican! ( he doesn’t whistle at girls when they walk by) ok, maybe sometimes! So it’s only second nature for us to travel to Mexico often. We’ve been to a few amazing resorts, and we’ve also traveled to non-touristic places. Where you can get some of the most authentic food, booze, art, architecture and much much more. Like lime trees in the back yard. Could you imagine? Incredible! So this time we didn’t have a lime tree in the back yard or a deep orange sunset. We faced the sea of Cortez. But we did have the most amazing time. We stayed an all inclusive very cozy, small resort! Three restaurants, two pools, swim up bar, mini golf, volleyball, and the MOST amazing aunthentic food!!! Yum! 

When we decided we were going to take a mini vacation we looked a few other places other than Mexico, but really is there a better place within a two hour flight.. Ok well maybe for some, but for us we chose Mexico! And I’ve never been to Cabo San Lucas so we went. And the best part about the trip was that it was my husbands birthday. Elena went to Mexico for Luis’s grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. ( a whole other story probably more incredible). But this time she flew, she did amazing, she loved the airplane. Every airplane she saw she pointed and got excited to say “auropwane” and she loved the water. She never wanted to get out. She was the center of the attention at the resort. She danced, smiled at everyone and just had the greatest time! While Luis and I indulged in Micheladas, ceviche and tacos. And so much more amazing food! We took a day trip to San Jose Del Cabo where we shopped, ate ice cream, and saw a Sunday mass service from a far, bought some authentic mexican stuff. Ate at a local restaurant. Bargained. Laughed, took photos. The trip was short but incredible. Looking forward to Memorial Day Our next mini vacay.. 

Just a few of my favorite photos. Please enjoy. Smile, laugh, love and live! This life is short and precious. We are so blessed with the opportunity to travel! 



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Spring is here!  Finally my all time favorite season. Most people love when the leaves change, the sun sets dark orange, Halloween, warm drinks and much more about fall. ( don’t get me wrong I do too). But I, on the other hand truly love spring more than any other season, for many reasons. One of the most peaceful things on earth is the sounds of birds , the grass getting greener, the trees waking up from winter, crisp morning spring air! And most of all the flowers blooming! 

When I was little I used to garden with my grandma and mom. I mean I grew up on a dairy  farm before moved to the states, the whole nine yards, cows, chickens, herbs, flowers, etc. So when Luis and I decided that we were going to give it a shot at having our own garden I couldn’t help but to think about my childhood and smile!! It’s our first ever and we are doing it on our own. A little bit nerve wrecking but exciting.  We are trying to master flowers, plants, veggies herbs along with our new chickens ( keep an eye for that post) all at once. Wish us luck! 

My first stop succulent garden. So beautiful!  





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Elena is two.. 

They say terrible twos are awful. I would have to disagree with that statement, my two year old is hilarious, sweet, firey, so smart. I know a lot parents say the same things about their kids, I mean who wouldn’t kids are such amazing blessing! 

Anyway… I love to decorate, throw parties, craft! So obviously we made everything for Elenas second birthday! From redoing a high chair to handmade invitations, rose style cupcakes and cake, Nacho bar. Homemade sangria. Hot air balloon photo booth for the kids, with some gold and pink princess themed decor. 

Elena is such a loved little girl; and we are blessed to have so many amazing people come celebrate with us!! 

Check out some of my favorite photos. Enjoy! 

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